How-To: Performing an Ink Charge (SG500/1000)

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If for troubleshooting purposes you wish to flush ink through the printer, you may do this by performing an initial ink charge. Please however bear in mind that we recommend this be performed only once in a 24 hour period and that it will use up to 25% ink.


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  1. Enter the SP mode. (Press the up and down keys at the same time for 7 seconds, then press the OK key).
  2. Using the Up and down keys, Set the No. to 1, Then press OK


3. Using the left and right keys, select 3. Process then press OK


4. Again, using the left and right keys, select 008 MEMORY READ/WRITE, then press OK


5. Using the left and right keys, select 002 RST: INIT CNT:A, then press OK.


6. Select ON from the selection keys. ON will now be highlighted


7. Power the printer off

8. Replace the ink cartridges if required

9. Switch the machine on, the printer will start the initial ink fill process