Sawgrass Print Manager 10.2: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Updated

Have you recently updated to Sawgrass Print Manager Version 10.2?

Please review the article below to answer questions you might have regarding the most recent update


  • Why am I seeing a color shift in my prints?

    After completing your update successfully, you may notice that your color output is a little different than it was prior. This is most likely because you were previously on a significantly older version of Sawgrass Print Manager. Because you have updated to a much newer version, you may be seeing a slight difference in output.

  • Why is there a watermark across my print?

    You may notice that you have started to receive a watermark across your prints. If you experience this, we would strongly recommend to reach out to the distributor of your inks.

  • Why is Sawgrass Print Manager not running on my system after updating?

    If your Sawgrass Print Manager is not running in the background of your system after updating, there are a few steps that you want to go ahead and take:


    1. First, you want to click on your orange Sawgrass Print Manager icon on your desktop to launch the application.

    2.  After that, you want to make sure that you have your ink types correctly selected for all of your listed printers in "Printer Utilities" under "Printer Setup".
  • Why did my firmware update fail?

    If you experience a firmware update fail after updating to the most recent version of Sawgrass Print Manager, go ahead and power cycle both your printer and computer. After rebooting, you should be able to update successfully.

  • Why am I unable to print after updating?

    If you find that you are unable to print after completing your Sawgrass Print Manager update, go ahead and turn your printer completely off. After it is shut down, turn it back on. We also recommend restarting your PC or Mac. This should resolve your printing issue!

  • Why am I receiving a "This installation failed" error message?

    If you find that you are receiving an error message with a yellow alert triangle that reads "This installation failed." this means that your download is corrupt. Go ahead and re-download another install from our site in order to proceed.