Troubleshooting Steps: Not Printing (Windows)

Communication is the core of any relationship, even with your printer!

There are a few different scenarios where connection might be lost. In this article we're going to go over steps to get you back up and running as quickly as possible. Let's go! 

In this article we will cover issues when printing from Windows.


Print Manager Opens But is Not Sending to the Printer

  • Ensure the printer is in a Ready state and that there are no errors on the LCD panel. If the printer is in an error state or if the menu is open, the printer will show as being offline. When offline the printer icon will be greyed out in the Devices and Printers, or it will show as offline in the Printers & Scanners list. 

    If the printer is ready but showing as offline nonetheless, we would recommend removing the printer from Printers & Scanners by selecting the printer and then click Remove Device.
    The printer can then be re-added from the SPM Menu > Printer Utilities > Add New Printer.

    If when attempting to re-add the printer it is not being detected, then this would indicate that there is a connection issue with the printer itself. 


If the printer is only showing as offline within SPM: 

  • If the printer is only showing as offline in Print Manager but is online in Devices and Printers (not greyed out) it means that the printer is communicating with the computer. It could however be that Print Manager is not correctly detecting the printer. If this is case, we would first of all recommend restarting the PC and Printer. If the issue still persists resetting or reinstalling the Print Manager should resolve this.

    To Reset SPM, click the PM icon to display the PM menu> Help > Reset SPM. 

    If despite this, the issue still persists, then it could be a permissions issue with your Windows account due to the fact that the Print Manager is unable to read/write to the Temp folder. The Print Manager needs full access (Read/Write) to C:\Users\*Username*\AppData\Local\Temp in order to function correctly.

If the printer is showing as offline in Devices and Printers: 

  • Check that the "Use printer offline" option is not checked:
    • Go to the computer settings and select Printers & Scanners.
    • Then select the Sawgrass printer driver and click on Open Queue. 
    • Click on Printer and un-check "Use printer Offline" if it is checked. 

  • If Use Printer Offline is not checked, then the issue will be with the communication with the Printer. In which case we would recommend reinstalling the printer driver. The printer driver can then be re-added from the SPM Menu > Printer Utilities > Add New Printer. You may review the following article on how to do this: Install an Additional or Replacement Printer.


Print Manager Print Settings Does Not Open

When printing from CreativeStudio

  • Check that SPM is running. When SPM is running there will be an orange PM located in the hidden icons down near the date/time.

  • If SPM is running, check that you are logged in to CreativeStudio using the same login details as the Print Manager. Both would use the same login details as your Sawgrass Account that you use on the Sawgrass Website.

  • Confirm that the printer selected in CreativeStudio is "Ready" and has the same computer name listed as the one you are using. 
    In CreativeStudio, in the image below, the computer name is outlined

    In SPM you can check or change the Computer name from the Connection Settings option. This can be accessed via the PM menu> Options > Connection Settings.

  • Increase the Connection Timeout to 9000. As above, this can be accessed via the PM menu> Options > Connection Settings.

When Printing via Smart Folder or Another Software

  • Reset the Sawgrass Smart Folder can sometimes resolve printing issues such as these.  This can be accessed from the PM menu > Smart Folder Manager. The Reset option is located near the top right of the window.

  • Sawgrass Print Manager Driver is not installed. If the Sawgrass Print Manager diver is not installed, we would recommend installing SPM again and ensuring Virtual Driver is ticked.

  • Sawgrass Print Manager Driver is not on SG_Local port. You can check the port by Right-Clicking on the driver in the Devices and Printers > Printer Properties

    Then select the Ports tab. If the driver is not on the correct port, select SG_Local from the list of Ports.


If you are still experiencing issues or have further questions, please contact our Sawgrass Care Team for assistance by click the 'Support' button on the bottom right of the page, or click here.