How-To: CreativeStudio Appearance Functions

Using the tools within the Appearance Block

These tools will allow you to make changes to your design so that you can effectively express your vision!


Listed below are the features offered in the appearance block and their functions:


mceclip1.png Allows you to make multiple copies of the image or text you have selected.
mceclip2.png Allows you to flip the image you have selected horizontally (left triangle) or vertically (right triangle).



Will open a second window where you will choose the part of the image you want to keep and delete the rest. If a part of the image looks “grayed out,” that is the part that will be deleted.



This allows you to remove the white background of an image, so the background is deleted or becomes transparent.
mceclip5.png Allows you to create a tiled background of an image without having to manually duplicating!
mceclip6.png Select the image or text you wish to bring forward.
mceclip7.png Select the image or text you wish to bring backwards.
mceclip8.png This tool allows you to change the color of images and text.
mceclip9.png All the alignment tools allow you to align the selected image to the top, bottom, left, right, middle and center of the design area.
mceclip10.png This allows you to adjust the size of the image you have selected by using the slider or clicking on one of the four corners of the design and pulling.
mceclip0.png This allows you to rotate the image you have selected by using the slider or on the top of the selected image, click and turn the rotate circle using your mouse.
mceclip13.png This allows you to add an outline around your selected text.
Lock Aspect Ration Unchecking this box will allow you to unlock the ratio of the image you have selected to help you stretch the image to the look you desire.
mceclip12.png This tool allows you to add different colors to the outline of the text you have selected.
mceclip14.png This allows you to add a curved look to your text by sliding the bar to the left or right.



When duplicating, adjust the image size before duplicating the element so that both elements will be the same size.

When using “Clear Whitespace” tool, it is best used with flat graphics or vectorized images. With a photograph, it is a lot more difficult to remove the background.

Make sure to change the color of uploaded images before uploading into CreativeStudio.

Unlocking the aspect ratio will help changing an image from a square to a rectangle. This helps a lot with backgrounds!


If you are still experiencing issues or have further questions, please contact our Sawgrass Care Team for assistance by click the 'Support' button on the bottom right of the page, or click here.