CreativeStudio Text Functions Explained

Using the features in the Text Block

There are various tools you can use to modify your inserted text while designing in CreativeStudio.


Listed below are the features offered in the text block and their functions:


mceclip1.png The white, square box in the text block tab allows you to type what you would like your design to say. You always want to make sure you are typing here, the program will not allow you to type right into the design space.

This allows you to change the font of the text you have selected. (You can make sure that your text is selected by clicking on it in the design space)

Note: If you wish to upload your own fonts, you will need to subscribe to a premium membership to access this feature.

mceclip3.png This allows you to put your text in bold.
mceclip4.png This allows you to put the selected text in Italic.
mceclip5.png This allows you to adjust the size of the text you have selected by using the slider
mceclip6.png This tool aligns your text to the right, centre or left-side of the paragraph or margin.



If you want to make your text larger, you can also select one of the gray four corners of the text box within the design area and pull to make the text size larger.


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