How-To: Adobe Photoshop Elements Colour & Print Guide (SPM - Windows)

Before proceeding, ensure the correct Sawgrass printer driver and Sawgrass Print Manager has been installed. 

The following instructions explain how to configure Adobe Photoshop Elements for use with the Sawgrass Print manager on a computer using Windows OS.  Your screens and menus may differ depending on the version of software and operating system being used, but your settings will be identical.


Photoshop Elements Color Setup

  1. Open Photoshop Elements. In the menu bar click Edit then click Color Settings.


  1. In the Color Settings window select the radio button for Always Optimize Colors for Computer Screens then click OK.


  1. Previously saved files or imported files may retain their previous settings. To ensure that the RGB color mode has been selected click Image, Mode, then RGB Color. A check mark should now be visible beside RGB Color.


  1. You must convert each image opened or imported in Elements to the sRGB profile by clicking Image, Convert Color Profile, then Convert to sRGB Profile. If sRGB Profile is greyed out, this means that it is already set to this profile and no change is required.



Photoshop Elements Print Setup

  1. With the correct color settings entered, you are now ready to print. In the menu bar click File then click Print. In the Print window match your settings to those shown below.
  • Select Printer: Sawgrass Print Manager
  • Click More Options
  • Click Color Management
  • Color Handling: Printer Manages Colors
  • Rendering Intent: Perceptual
  • Click OK to save your changes and continue
  • Click Print when you are ready to print your image


Photoshop Elements setup is now complete. Remember to convert each image to the sRGB profile and select the Sawgrass Print manager each time you print.


If you are still experiencing issues or have further questions, please contact our Sawgrass Care Team for assistance by click the 'Support' button on the bottom right of the page, or click here.