How-To: Adding Registration Marks to your Print

The below article will show you how to add registration marks to your prints. This is handy when you want to run your print through a cutter afterwards so that it knows where to cut.


After you have loaded your file into PrintMate, you have the option to add Silhouette Registration Marks to your print. You can do this in two ways.

  1. Either by selecting the Registration Marks checkbox.

  2. Or by selecting the option "Select a Preset" and choosing Shirt w/EasySubli Vinyl. You will then notice the Registration Marks option will become ticked and the Mirror Option will become unticked.

  3. When your image is printed, you will see the registration marks on the page, ready to be put through your Silhouette cutter.

  4. At this point, you have two options:
    1. You can cut immediately after printing by selecting the " Cut after printing toggle above the print button.
    2. If you'd rather cut later, leave the design open in PrintMate and when ready to cut, choose the cutter from the pulldown.


If you are still experiencing issues or have further questions, please contact our Sawgrass Care Team for assistance by click the 'Support' button on the bottom right of the page, or click here.