PrintMate Settings Explained

The below article will explain in detail the functions of the different elements that are available to you in the Settings Menu.


  • General Tab

    Setting   Explanation
    mceclip8.png This will show you the version number of PrintMate as well as an additional link to display the PrintMate License Agreement.
    mceclip11.png When check, the print job tab will close after the print job has completed.
    mceclip12.png When checked, PrintMate will load when the computer is switched on.
    mceclip13.png When checked, you will have the possibility to use and create colour swatches as well as perform spot colour replacement. When Spot Colours is enabled, the Spot Colour tab will be come visible.
    This option will allow you choose which unit of measure you wish to use on the PrintMate Print Settings window. This can be either set to Inches or Millimetres.
    This option allows you to choose whether to resize as a Percentage or use the selected unit of measure, either in Inches or Millimetres.

  • Devices Tab

    Setting Explanation
    mceclip0.png The Connected Devices list will display all compatible devices installed on your computer.
    mceclip1.png Rescan will search for any new devices that have installed on your computer
    mceclip2.png Add will allow you to install a new printer on your computer.
    mceclip0.png The right side panel will display the various options available to you regarding the default or currently selected printer. It will display the current ink and waste tank levels as well as the Model, select ink set, serial number and Firmware version.
    mceclip4.png This options will set the currently selected printer as default.
    This will allow you to access the Printer Utilities such as printing a Nozzle Check and Primary Chart as well as performing a Head Clean.
    mceclip8.png The Remove option will do just that, Remove the selected printer from the list of connected devices in PrintMate. It will not however remove the devices from your computer, just PrintMate.

  • Manage Page Sizes Tab


    Setting Explanation
    mceclip0.png This will revert any changes you may have made and set the PrintMate page sizes back to default.
    mceclip1.png This will remove the currently selected page size from PrintMate.
    mceclip2.png This allows you to rename the currently selected page size.
  • Send to PrintMate Tab


    Setting Explanation
    mceclip3.png Select and check the printers you wish to make changes to.
    mceclip4.png If Spot colours is enable, you will be able to choose a swap table which includes the swatch colours assigned to that table. You can check under the Spot Colours tab to see exactly which ones these are.

    Automatically Print: When ticked the print jobs will be sent automatically to the print without displaying the PrintMate print window.

    Mirror: The Mirror option is usually ticked by default. When ticked your image will be printed in mirror.

    Registration Marks: When checked, Registration marks will be added to your print. This is useful should you wish to use a cutter after printing. Note that only Silhouette cutters are currently supported with this function.

    Add Bleed: This will add a bleed area around the page.

    mceclip1.png This will list all the product specific profiles that are available to choose from within PrintMate. Note that this list will differ depending on the selected printer model, Print Quality and paper.

    This will list the various Print Quality options that are available in PrintMate. Note that this list will differ depending on the selected printer model, Print Quality and paper. Printing with a high dpi will increase the number of dots printed, it can also alleviate signs of banding on a print.

    • High Speed: Prints quickly at 300dpi
    • High Quality: Standard print speed at 600dpi
    • Advance Photo: Prints slower at 1200dpi
    • Ultra Fine Photo: Prints a lot slower at the highest possible quality 4800dpi.
    mceclip3.png This will list the various page size options that are available in PrintMate. Note that this list will differ depending on the selected printer model, Print Quality and paper.
    mceclip4.png This will list the various page size options that are available in PrintMate. Note that this list will differ depending on the selected printer model, Print Quality and paper. If you are having issues with bleeding or wet ink, we recommend selecting Type B paper.
    mceclip10.png This will list the paper trays that are available to you. If you have an Option Tray or Bypass Tray, this is where you can select them.
    mceclip0.png You can choose to either pint in Portrait or Landscape depending on the orientation of the image you are wishing to print.
    mceclip1.png Allows you to choose between two colour modes. Photographic for photos and vibrant which is aimed at graphic or vector images as it gives a slight increase in saturation.
  • Spot Colour Tab (If Enabled)


    Setting Explanation
    mceclip2.png This is the swap table list. Each swap table comprises of multiple Colour Swatches. here is one table by default but more can created.
    mceclip3.png Using these options, you can create, import, export or delete Swap tables.
    mceclip4.png Selecting a swap table will display the list of colour swatches that are included in the currently selected table. The default Sample table is already populated but can be further added upon.
    mceclip5.png When adding a new swatch colour, you can select it to display in RGB, CMYK or Hex values.
    mceclip6.png Selecting a swatch from the list will display information including the input and output value. You'll have the option to either update or delete this swatch. 
    Also, when click Find Similar Colour, you will be able to print a palette with all the colour values that are similar to the input or output value.
  • Account Tab


    Setting Explanation
    mceclip7.png Here will be displayed your First and Last Name and will be based on the details your provided when signing up. These can be amended but not left blank.
    mceclip8.png Here you may save any changes you may have made as well as sign out of PrintMate, you will need to sign back in to use PrintMate.
    mceclip9.png Here you can change the language displayed in PrintMate.



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