Printing from Your Silhouette Cutter

  • Updated

You can absolutely use your Silhouette with your Sawgrass Printer!

Follow the steps below on how to print from your program to Sawgrass Print Manager:


Printing from Silhouette to Sawgrass Print Manager

  • First, make sure that you have your design selected as a print then cut.

  • Next, go to file then print or click on the printer icon in the top toolbar. A print preview will pop up and you will want to go ahead and select print.

  • A final print dialog box will pop up...
    • Windows: Select Sawgrass Print Manager as the printer.
    • Mac: Click on the PDF drop-down and select Sawgrass Print Manager. After selecting, the Print Manager will pop up allowing you to print.



Make sure to turn on your registration marks. Also check both "show print border" and "show cut border".