Vertical/Horizontal Lines Throughout Prints

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Are you seeing lines down or across your prints?
Never fear! Your Sawgrass Care Team is here! 

Follow the steps below and your images should clear up quickly. If you do all of these steps and still have trouble, send us an email! We're more than happy to help. 


Let's start with a nozzle check

    1. Go to your printer then press the menu button on the left side.
    2. After pressing that button, go head and scroll down to printer features, then press OK.
    3. Now, select List/Test Print, then press OK.
    4. Finally, select Nozzle Check Pattern and press print.
    1. Click on the orange PM icon in your Finder (Mac) or Taskbar (Windows)
    2. Open Printer Utilities
    3. Navigate to the nozzle check tab and print using the pink nozzle check button near the bottom.

If you see any breaks or gaps in your nozzle check, we recommend performing 2-3 head cleanings to bring back those lines.

Feel free to use copy paper when running these! No need to waste your sublimation paper for testing.



Make sure that you are printing through Sawgrass Print Manager

  • You can print by choosing to open local file through the SPM drop-down menu and selecting your design from your computer that you want to print.
  • If you print from different creative programs, you can select file, print, and then choose Sawgrass Print Manager as the printer. (on Windows only)
  • When printing from Creative Studio, your design will always populate through Sawgrass Print Manager.



Are you using Third Party Ink?

  • If you see a prominent diamond pattern across your prints, it is possible that this is caused by the use of third party inks.
  • We DO NOT recommend using any non-genuine inks as print performance may not be optimal, it will void your warranty with us, and over time can cause unpredictable damage.


If you are using non-genuine inks, we would recommend reaching out to the manufacturer of those inks.