Updating Your Printer Firmware

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Received a firmware update message? Don't worry!

As we continue to provide support, we may occasionally push out firmware updates to ensure that your machine is always running at its best. We've made it nice and easy to update and this guide will walk you through it! 


An important note before we start: while your firmware update is in progress, make sure that you don't turn off or unplug the printer or computer. This can cause irreversible damage to the printer.


Let's get started on that update! 

  1. First, click on the pink update button in your firmware update pop-up box.
    • Windows: Another box will pop up asking if you would like to make changes to your device, select yes.
  2. Once the firmware update has started, your printer might make some noises so do not be alarmed!
  3. The update will begin. As it progresses, the orange bar will show how much has been completed so far.
  4. While this process is taking place, you may notice that your printer's LCD screen says updating firmware.
    • The bar on the printer itself will not move. This is normal so no need to stress over the progression.
  5. Even if the firmware says complete, you want to wait until the printer's LCD screen is back in the Ready state and showing all four of your ink levels.
  6. Once your printer is in the Ready state, go back to the computer and click on the "finish" button to complete your firmware update.


If your firmware update does fail, follow the steps below to resolve this issue:

  • For Windows users:
    1. On your toolbar at the very bottom of your screen, go to start (this is the windows icon in the lower left corner of your desktop) and begin typing the word services into your search bar. Go ahead and open the services application.
    2. Once you are in services, scroll down and select printer spooler.
    3. Next, click on stop. This will pause the interaction between your computer and the printer.
    4. Now, let's go back to start and begin typing: C:\Windows\System32\spool\PRINTERS 
      • Please note you can also Copy/Paste this with the start menu open
    5. This will open your printers folder. Do not delete the folder itself, but you want to go ahead and delete all of the files inside of this folder.
    6. Now we want to go back to the spooler (if it's still open, great! If not, just follow steps 1 & 2 again)
    7. Click on start to turn the print spooler back on.
    8. Once your print spooler is back on, try updating your firmware again.

If your firmware update does not pop up:

      • If the firmware update does not pop up, go to your hidden icons menu.
      • Right click on the small, orange PM icon (Sawgrass Print Manager) and select quit.
      • Now, go back to your desktop screen and reopen your Sawgrass Print Manager by clicking on your desktop icon.