Printer Setup Process

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Congratulations on your new printer!

This article will walk you through how to get up and running ASAP so you can focus on the fun stuff.


Unboxing your printer:

  1. Prepare a place for your printer that's sturdy, with space on all sides for ventilation and climate control, and a nearby outlet as the printer should be left on 24/7.
  2. Next take off the protective covering from your printer's packaging and remove the plastic film from around your printer. It's time to come out of the box!
  3. Carefully grip the bottom left and right sides of your printer to lift it. We even added indents on the back sides to help with the transition and to ensure a secure grip!
  4. Once your printer is out of the box, go ahead and remove all pieces of tape from the outside of the device.
      • Don't forget the tape attached to the top cover or the Styrofoam block located on the inside of the printer. Make sure you remove this because if you don't it could damage your printer!
      • (Optional Bypass Tray) After all tape is removed from the device, you will want to attach your bypass tray or additional paper tray if you have one.
  5. Once everything is attached and the printer is in the correct location, go ahead and turn the printer on. The black power plug connects to the left side of the printer.
    1. Note: Please do not connect your printer via USB, Wi-Fi or Ethernet cord until you are instructed to during the installation process.


Now let's set up those cartridges: 

A very important note before we insert the cartridges: please doublecheck that these are the inks you want to use. Once loaded into the machine, this will be the ink type through the entire life of your printer!

  1. Alright, let's go ahead and open the ink door on the front right side of your printer. You will use the indent to pull down the door so that you can access the ink slots.
  2. Once the door is down, there should be a sticker located on the inside. This sticker will show you how to place the ink cartridge into the printer and where each of the colors go.
  3. The inks should click into the printer with the use by dates facing you so you can read them from top to bottom.
    • Starting from left and moving across to the right, insert your inks in this order:
      • Black
      • Cyan
      • Magenta
      • Yellow
  4. Once the inks have been placed in your printer, go ahead and close the ink door. This will start the seven minute initial ink charge process. This might be a noisy process. Don't be alarmed! 


While the printer is busy at work doing that, why not hop on over and install the Sawgrass Print Manager? Our next steps will be connecting your new printer to the computer you wish to use. We're almost done with installation!