Cleaning Your Horizontal Encoder

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The horizontal encoder is a thin, semi-transparent strip that hides just under the printer lid, running the full length.

It looks a bit like a tiny film strip.

This sensor on the print head warns if the printer is damaged or dirty. 

To clean it, you'll need:

  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • A lint free cloth (like an eyeglass cleaner)
    • *Don't use paper or microfiber towels! This can damage the encoder greatly*

And then, easy enough, give it a soft clean with the alcohol on the cloth. Be gentle! Don't pinch or pull the encoder or it may be damaged. This is often the cause of SC Errors as well as solid, vertical while lines on prints. Once clean, make sure to let it dry at least 10 minutes before attempting to use the machine again. 

Simple as that! Happy printing!