Cleaning Your Feed Belt

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Cleaning your feed belt is super easy!

We recommend doing this occasionally for maintenance, but if you're experiencing roller marks or smearing on your prints you're in the right place. 


Before we get started, let's grab a few things:

  • A lint-free cloth (such as an eyeglasses cleaner)
  • Isopropyl or Denatured Alcohol (Isopropyl is preferred for less residue)

Let's jump in! Don't worry; this won't take long.

  1. First, turn off and unplug the printer. Yes, it is okay to turn the printer off!
  2. Next, grab your supplies and open the top cover of the printer.
  3. Then, go to the back of the printer and open the rear door by pushing in the two gray tabs located on the either side of the door.
  4. Now, jumping back to the lid of the printer, have a look inside and locate the Paper Feed Belt. The paper feed belt will look like a black shiny strip of film or plastic.
  5. Now, take the lint-free cloth, add some alcohol to it and gently glide the cloth along the paper feed belt. There's no need for too much pressure here. We don't want to dent or scratch.
  6. Once you have wiped and cleaned the visible paper feed belt, you can now clean the paper feed rollers. This will allow you to clean the paper feed belt in sections.
  7. Go to the rear of the printer (the rear door should still be open), you will see gray rollers. These rollers help rotate the paper feed belt.
  8. Gently press down on the gray rollers to rotate the paper feed belt. Try not to slide the gray rollers back and forth as this can cause a paper misfeed.
  9. This will help clean the part of the paper feed belt that may not be currently visible.
  10. Once you have finished cleaning the paper feed belt, wait 30-45 minutes to power the printer back on. The paper feed belt needs to be dry first. The moisture that can get on or in the paper feed sensors can cause permanent damage to your printer which will void your warranty!
  11. Give it a test! That should do it!



You can keep the printer off for an hour just to be sure that the paper feed belt is dry
Go to the eyewear section in any drug or superstore to find a lint-free cloth
If the gray rollers slide out of place, make sure to place them back into place gently. Again, sliding them back and forth can cause a paper misfeed error so do everything with a gentle touch!
With little pressure, you will feel the gray rollers located at the rear of the printer become unstuck


Patience is best when cleaning the paper feed belt!