Visual Studio C++ Error Message

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If you receive this error, don't worry! This is a known issue caused by certain updates to Microsoft Windows. The steps below should help you through. 

Let's get started! 


  1. First, close out of the Sawgrass Print Manager installation process through the task manager (Ctrl+Shift+Escape on your keyboard at the same time). Select the installation and End Task.
  2. Next, restart Windows
  3. When your computer is booted back up, please click this link to install a patch, but don't open it just yet! You can also manually go to the website here:
  4. Once finished, open up your Downloads folder. There should be a program there listed as "VC_redist.x64"
  5. Right click on this program and choose Run as Administrator 
  6. When the program boots up, please choose Repair.
  7. Try installing again! You should be good to go from here.


If the issue keeps happening after doing the steps listed above, this usually means Windows is preventing the installation from completing and we recommend reaching out to Microsoft directly for more assistance.


  1. Microsoft's support page for these types of issues can be found here:
  2. We recommend downloading the Troubleshooter on that page and choosing Uninstalling.
  3. Follow the directions through Microsoft's software.
  4. Once finished, you will need to reinstall the Redistributable which can be found here:


That should do it! Generally this process takes just a few minutes. This should have you up and printing in no time! If not, remember we're only a chat away.