Bypass Tray Information

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Curious about the bypass tray? Need a little help with setup?

Look no further!


  1. Why do I need a bypass tray?
      • The “bypass tray” attachment will allow you to print on larger paper depending on which model of printer you have.
  2. What size paper can fit in my Bypass Tray?
      • SG400/SG500
        • 8.5 x 51” is the largest paper size you can if in the bypass tray.
        • The width does not change for this model of printer.
      • SG800/SG1000
        • 13 x 51” is the largest paper size you can fit in the bypass tray.

Let's get started!
Follow the steps below to begin setup for the Bypass Tray:

Before setup:

    • Make sure the printer is off and unplugged
    • Take the Bypass Tray out of the box and remove the tape
    • Turn the printer off and unplug the printer
    • Grab a coin. It will come in handy later we promise!

Jumping In:

If you have an SG500 follow the first three steps listed below:

      • First go to the back of your printer, push in two gray tabs to slightly open the back.
      • Now that the rear door is slightly opened, using your thumbs pull down the noise cancellation cover. This looks like little fan slots on the rear door.
      • Close the rear door, making sure the gray tabs have clicked back in. The noise cancellation cover will look like an open flap.

The SG1000 will come with an anti-topple stand, you may want.

      • Now, grab the coin of your choice and coin screw to attach the L-shaped anti-topple stand to secure the bypass tray. This will help the tray stay in place while printing.
      • To attach the bypass tray to your printer, press the two gray tabs on both sides of the bypass tray.
      • While these are pushed down, fit, and push the bypass tray into the printer until it clicks.
        • Make sure the gray tabs on the side of the bypass tray are pushed back out into their original position.


Make sure to attach the bypass tray before turning the printer on if you bought the additional tray and printer at the same time.
If the bypass tray does not “click in” try pushing down the gray buttons and moving it up and then to the left.
Make sure to put 3-5 sheets of paper in the bypass tray so the printer can detect the paper!