Sawgrass Print Manager: Print Setting Tabs

  • Updated

Depending on your printer model and ink the information within the tabs may vary

There are so many options to choose from on Sawgrass Print Manager to make sure you are getting the right print!

Below we have broken down each tab to make it easier to follow!

List of Tabs:

Material Tab
Layout Tab
Jobs Tab
Color Tab

The following information is on the Material Tab

    • Substrates and how to choose the correct one!
        • This list allows you to select what you are pressing onto.
        • The names may differ depending on what you are pressing onto.

    • Which paper type to choose and what they all mean.
      • First, you want to select the type of paper you plan to print on
        • If you do not see your brand of paper, you are pressing on choose TruPix Classic

      • Mirror
        • This option will be checked by default and will mirror the image once printing

      • Print Quality and which quality to choose from
        • This is where you can set your print quality
          • High Speed (300 DPI)
          • High Quality (600 DPI)
          • Advance Photo (1200 DPI)
          • Ultra-Fine Photo (SG500/1000 only)
        • The substrate list will change depending on the selected speed and printer

      • Choosing a source when going to print
        • When you choose a source, you are choosing which print tray you wish to print out of.
        • This will be one of the following.
            • Auto
            • Tray 1
            • Tray 2
            • Bypass Tray
        • The paper tray the printer comes with is “Tray 1” or “Auto”

The following information is on the Layout Tab located in “Sawgrass Print Manager”

Which layout setting should I choose and their meanings?

    • Preserve Layout from Designer
      • The Sawgrass Print Manager will keep the same layout and orientation of your design you created in your design software.
        • Example : Adobe, CorelDraw, Silhouette…etc.

    • Print Manager Preforms Layout
        • This setting allows you to manually change the following to your print
          • Page size: changing this will set the size of paper you plan on printing onto. This MUST match the paper size you have in your paper tray.
          • Spacing: will add 1/10 inch of space around the design.
          • Trim whitespace: removes any white space around the design that is unnecessary.
          • Center: places the design in the center of the page the best way it can fit.
          • Bleed Lines: Bleed lines add black lines around the design to show to show the trim area
          • Impose Margins: this will move the design away from the edges of the paper.




The following information is on the Jobs Tab within Sawgrass Print Manager

    • On the left side of the “Jobs” tab
      • Name: displays the name of the file
      • Preview: shows a preview of your print. It will not be mirrored.

    • In the middle of the “Jobs” Tab
      • Width: allows you to resize the size of your image
      • Height: allows you to resize the height of your image
      • Pixels per Inch or PPI: measurement of pixels for your digital image.
      • Copies: will show you how many copies you are printing.



The following information will help you navigate the Color tab in Sawgrass Print Manager

  • Color Mode: you can set a color setting depending on the type of design you are trying to print. Look below to see which setting is right for you!

      • Photographic: mostly used for photos to keep the integrity of the colors of your photo.
          • Think hair color, skin color and eye color!
      • Vivid: will add a little bit of saturation to your design. This is good for graphics. (Example: logos, flat images, etc...)
      • Graphic: this color mode will enhance the colors in your design! This is good for logos, and graphic images.
      • Grayscale: your image or design print in black and white.
      • Cool Gray: this is a mixture of black, white, and blue creating the “cool” effect.
      • Classic: this color will allow you to replicate colors from PowerDriver
        • Please remember, PowerDriver is a discontinued program

  • Color Adjustment: you can adjust the colors from left to right using the toggle option.
        • If you move the toggle from left to right, you will see the adjustments change the previewed image!

  • Color Palette: Only SG400/SG800 has this feature. When we updated out printers, we updated this feature to become obsolete!
        • This is allowing you to enable our color palette, ColorSure. This feature helps when printing graphics or vectored, flat images to allow you to get the accurate color you desire.