Connecting via Wi-Fi

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Welcome to Wi-Fi! 

This guide is designed to help answer questions and walk you through the initial Wi-Fi setup steps.  We know Wi-Fi can be confusing, so this guide is made as detailed as possible. Remember though, we're always just an email away.

Let's jump right in! 


Connection Requirements and Setup Tips

  • Wi-Fi is only available for the SG500 & SG1000 models. 
  • Have your network password ready before starting the process. 
  • You must have a 2.4GHz wireless connection that is not on a dual band connection. This must also be the Wi-Fi your computer is connected to. If it is connected to a dual band, it is possible that it will disconnect when it flips to your 5GHz connection.
  • A signal strength of 75% or higher is recommended.
  • The printer and router should be in the same room. This will allow for faster and more efficient communication.
  • We do not recommend using a network extender. This signal is not strong enough for every print and will not be consistent.  


Lets starts by selecting the “LAN type” to connect your printer wirelessly by following the steps below:

The “LAN type” is the way the printer is connected, whether it is wirelessly or with an ethernet cord. 

  1. First, go to your printer and press the Menu key. If you are still seeing the ink levels, press the menu key one more time 
  2. Using the up and down arrows go to System Settings and select by pressing OK  
  3. Next, press the up and down arrows again until you see Interface Settings, then press OK 
  4. Now, press the up and down arrows until you see Network, then press OK
  5. Next, you will want to navigate to LAN Type, and press OK
    • This will take you to another menu. Select Wireless LAN if you want to continue to set the printer up wirelessly
    • Once you select Wireless LAN, press the Menu button. It will take you to the home screen with the ink levels. The wireless blue light will start blinking indicating the wireless LAN has been selected.


Now that the printer is set up for Wi-Fi, we'll need to tell it which one to connect to by following these steps: 

Before starting this process, make sure to have the password of the wireless network you wish to connect to ready!  

  1. Begin with the first three steps you've already mastered from the section above:
    • Menu > System Settings > Interface Settings
  2. Now you should be able to use the up and down arrows to find Wireless LAN, then press OK
  3. Using the same arrows, select Wireless LAN Easy Setup and press OK
  4. Now, select SSID Auto Search, then press OK 
  5. Here you should see wireless networks listed. Use the arrows to highlight the wireless network you wish to connect to. Keep in mind that the printer must be connected to the 2.4 network. 
  6. Once you have selected the network, the LCD screen will say Enter PSK... Press the button underneath the word Enter 
  7. The LCD screen will now show letters and special characters. This is where you will enter the Wi-Fi password. By using all four directional arrows navigate and enter your password.
    • Select each character by pressing OK when highlighted
    • ABC/123: allow you to change the character set selected to Uppercase, Numbers, or Special Characters (! @ # etc.…)  
    • Delete: will remove the most recently entered character. 
    • Accept: this will submit the password to connect to the Wireless Network 
  8. Once you are done entering your Wi-Fi password press the button underneath the word Accept.
  9. Once you have pressed Accept the printer will try to connect to the Wireless Network. If it is successful, it will say Connection Succeeded
  10. If the LCD screen says Connection Failed make sure you entered the correct password, connecting to the correct network, and the network is a 2.4Ghz network 


And finally lets check the strength of the wireless signal: 

  1. Press the Menu button on the printer
  2. Next, press the up and down arrows (located around the “OK” button) to navigate to System Settings, then press OK
  3. Now navigate to Interface Settings, then press OK
  4. Next, press the up or down arrows until you see Wireless LAN, then press OK
  5. Now, press the up or down arrow buttons to Wireless LAN Signal then press OK  
  6. Finally, the LCD screen will show the strength of your wireless LAN signal. It is strongly recommended that this signal is 75% or above.


All set!

You should now be printing wirelessly.

Enjoy that Wi-Fi life!