Communication Issues - Not Printing on Windows

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Communication is the core of any relationship, even with your printer!

There are a few different scenarios where connection might be lost. In this article we're going to go over steps to get you back up and running as quickly as possible. Let's go! 


If the printer is not receiving print jobs from the Print Manager:

  • Check that the Sawgrass Print Manager is up and running. The program has to be manually opened (or set to automatically open when your computer boots up) in order to process the print command. This is due to the Smart Folder scanning for files in the background. 
    • On Windows, the PM icon will be displayed down in the tray at the bottom right. Sometimes you may need to select the arrow to check the hidden icons. 
  • Ensure the printer is online and that there are no errors on the LCD panel. If the printer is in an error state or if the menu is open, the printer will show as being offline. When offline the printer icon will be greyed out in the Devices and Printers, or it will show as offline in the Printers & Scanners list. 


If the printer is only showing as offline within SPM: 

  • If the printer is only showing as offline in Print Manager but is online in Devices and Printers (not greyed out) it means that the printer is communicating with the computer. It could be that Print Manager is not correctly detecting the printer. If this is case, we would recommend resetting or reinstalling SPM. Please see the following article on how to Reset SPM. 


If the printer is showing as offline in Devices and Printers: 

  • Check that the "Use printer offline" option is not checked:
    • Go to the computer settings and select Printers & Scanners.
    • Then select the Sawgrass printer driver and click on Open Queue. 
    • Click on Printer and un-check "Use printer Offline" if it is checked. 

If the printer is connected via ethernet:

  • It could be that the IP address of the printer has changed and will therefore need to be updated. The easiest way to do this is to remove the current printer from the Printers and Scanners or settings. Restart the printer and reinstall it via the Print Manager menu > Printer Utilities.
  • Another option would be to manually change the IP address on the printer driver. You will first need to verify the IP address on your printer, then make the changes to the printer driver. 

If the printer is connected via Wi-Fi: 

  • First check that the printer is still connected to your wireless network. If connected, the Wi-Fi indicator at the front of the printer will be blue.
    • If the printer is still connected to your wireless network, we would recommend reinstalling the printer driver as the IP may have changed.
    • Another option would be manually edit and change the IP on the driver. 


If the printer is connected via USB: 

  • Start off by restarting the printer spooler. You can now do this from within the SPM printer utilities.
  • If the issue persists, you can reinstall the USB printing support driver, which will in turn reinstall the printer driver. 
    • To do so, click on start button and search for Device Manager
    • Once the Device Manager has loaded, locate Universal Serial Bus Controllers, then right click on USB Printing Support, and select Uninstall.
      • Note: Sometimes the USB Controller is not listed as Printing Support. You can try these steps on other USBs without damaging your computer.
    • After the device has been removed, either restart the PC or click on Action from the drop down menus and choose Scan for Hardware changes. The drivers should then reinstall themselves


If you're still having trouble, don't worry! Our Sawgrass Care team is just a message away.