MacOS Malicious Software Error Message

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Don't worry!
This error will show up if you are running MacOS 10.15 or later. 

We'll have you printing in no time!


First thing's first:

  1. Let's start by opening your finder (the blue and white face icon) and choosing downloads.
  2. Once you are in downloads, find the package that says "SPM_MacOS...etc."
  3. Next, you will want to click on this package icon so that you can see a drop-down menu. Listed below are a few ways to prompt this menu to appear: 
      • If you are using a double button mouse: right click on the package one time to access the drop-down menu
      • If you are using a single button mouse: press CTRL on your keyboard and click the package with your mouse while holding it down
      • If you are using a trackpad: using two fingers, press down on your trackpad one time to click the package.
  4. This will open another malicious software error message but this time, there will be be an option to select open. You can proceed with the installation from here!


It may take a few tries to get your drop-down menu to appear, do not worry if it does not appear the first time!

If you do not know which MacOS version you have, click on the apple in the top, left corner. Then click About. This will show you which MacOS software version you have.