Not Printing from CreativeStudio

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If you are unable to print from CreativeStudio do not worry, we put together steps for you to follow so you can get back to printing!


  1. If your printer is not printing from CreativeStudio check the following listed below:

    • Make sure the Sawgrass Print Manager is running in the background.
      • To ensure Sawgrass Print Manager is open in the background, double-click on the Sawgrass Print Manager desktop icon.
    • Always make sure you are using the same email and password login information when printing from CreativeStudio to Sawgrass Print Manager.
    • During the printing process, where it lists the printer make sure that the printer you plan on printing to is selected with the correct computer name as well!
      • How to check the name of your device:
        • Windows: Go to and open the computer Settings. Next select System, then About. Now look for the Device Name and make sure it matched in CreativeStudio
        • Mac: Click on the Apple at the top left corner. Next select About. Now look for the device name.
      • If you are unable to click on the pink Print button in CreativeStudio, please make sure your correct paper size has been selected.


  1. After checking the steps listed above and you are still unable to print, try the following steps listed below:

    • First, sign out of Sawgrass Print Manager.
    • If you are logged into Sawgrass Print Manager on multiple computers, sign out of those devices to eliminate any confusion the program might be having when trying to print.
    • Next, open the web browser you use to access CreativeStudio.
    • Once the web browser is opened go to your browser history and select clear browser history, cookies, etc.
      • Just like your computer the web browser can only hold so much memory. Clearing the browser history is just like restarting your computer!
    • Now that the web browsers history has been cleared, sign back into Sawgrass Print Manager and CreativeStudio.
    • Go through the printing process and you should see the correct printer selected and be able to print!



The cookies and cache should both be checked off when clearing the browser history or you will have to do this all over again!

Each web browser is different when locating the history. We would suggest looking up how to clear it according to the web browser you are using.

Always make sure Sawgrass Print Manager is running in the background!