Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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  • How do I submit a ticket?

    To submit a new support ticket, you may click the 'Support' button on the bottom right of the page, or click here.

  • How long is the warranty period for my printer?

    If you’re wondering what your warranty timeframe looks like, please visit the following link(s) to view warranty documentation:

    SG500/SG1000 Warranty

    SG400/SG800 Warranty

    VJ628 Warranty

  • Why are my ink levels not at 100% in my new printer?

    The first-time your ink is placed into your printer, it pulls the ink from the cartridges and fills your ink lines. Because of this process, the ink cartridge levels will not read at 100%. Don’t worry; the missing percentage of your ink is in your printer ready for use!

  • Why have my ink cartridges suddenly depleted?

    If you find that your ink cartridges have depleted, your printer may have completed an “ink purge.”

    After sitting powered off or not used for a period of time, the ink can begin to clog in your lines. When the printer is turned back on, or a job is sent to it again, the printer will push new ink through the lines in an effort to restore the functionality and health of the ink lines.

    You will know this is happening when the printer displays “waiting…” on the LCD screen. This means that your printer is conducting a maintenance cycle (or multiple maintenance cycles depending on the length of time the printer was powered off). Please make sure to not power the printer off when this is on the LCD. Powering the printer off during this process stops the printer from recognizing the cycle as completed and will cause the ink purge to start again.

  • Why do I need to leave my printer powered on?

    When powered off, your printer won’t be able to run automatic maintenance cycles. These cycles are extremely important for the health of your printer. The cycle will push small amounts of ink through the lines and print head, to help prevent clogging.

    If your ink sits still and begins to clog, this could cause irreversible damage to the printer.

  • Can I press onto cotton?

    In short, yes; with the right materials!

    There are two options that will allow you to use cotton:

    1. If your printer is inked with Chromoblast ink and you’re using Chromoblast paper, you can use these together to press onto 100% cotton.
    2. If your printer is inked with Sublijet or EasySubli ink, you can print onto Heat Transfer Vinyl and press the design onto cotton and cotton blend substrates.
  • Can I switch my ink type?

    Unfortunately, no.

    Since ink conversion can be extremely hard on the printhead, and run the risk of chemical mixture and clogging, changing ink types (i.e Chromablast, SubliJet, EasySubli) can cause major damage to the printhead and, for this reason, will void the remainder of the warranty.

  • How do I cancel my CreativeStudio subscription?

    We’d hate to see you go! There are a lot of features that are exclusive to our Premium Members, which means that some get lost in translation.

    Before making the decision to leave, we want to make sure you know we’re here to help! If you’d like a member of our team to walk you through CreativeStudio and show you all of your premium features, we can absolutely do that! Simply schedule a call here to set a time that would work best for you.

    If you’d still like to cancel your CreativeStudio Premium account, click on the link below and navigate to “manage account”:

  • What do the alert lights on my printer mean?

    Think of these as service lights on your car. As scary as that light can be (on your car or your printer), it’s really just getting your attention to let you know something’s up.

    Note: The printer LCD screen should tell you what the alert light means. If the screen goes dark, click the “OK” button to wake the printer up and see that message.

  • How do I check my wireless signal strength (SG500/1000)?

    Low signal strength can cause the following symptoms: loss of connection, inconsistent connection (frequent drops), printer appearing as offline, printer not detecting a connection.

    Use the following steps to check the signal strength of your printer connection. Use the up and down arrows for navigation:

    1. Press the menu button on your printer.
    2. Navigate to system settings, then press ok.
    3. Navigate to interface settings, then press ok.
    4. Navigate to Wireless LAN, then press ok.
    5. Navigate to Wireless LAN Signal, then press ok

    The LAN signal will display on-screen. It is recommended the signal level be at 75% or greater for the best experience.

  • How many prints can I get out of my ink cartridges?

    Given that there is not a universal print type, and each print can have much more or much less content than most, estimating the number of prints that can be achieved on a single set of cartridges is not possible.

  • Why do my prints look dull coming out of my printer?

    Right out of your printer, your images will always look a little lighter or duller than what you see on your screen. You will not see the full brightness and color output until after pressing. We recommend pressing your print to see the full results.

    Note: Make sure you are printing from Sawgrass Print Manager and using the recommended heat press settings. Both factors can affect the image after pressing.

  • How do I reset Sawgrass Print Manager?

    If you are experiencing issues with Sawgrass Print Manager and feel that your software needs to be reset (or you’re directed to do so by our Care team), please follow the instructions below:

    1. Locate and right-click (macOS: Cmd+Click) the Sawgrass Print Manager icon located in your system tray (macOS: Menu Bar)
    2. In the menu that appears, click Help -> Reset SPM
    3. Confirm in the dialog that appears.

    Note: The application will close as part of a restart. As part of this restart, all application settings will be erased, so you’ll be asked to sign in again. It is recommended you confirm you have a working login before performing this.

  • How do I change my edition of Sawgrass Print Manager?

    If you need to change the edition of Sawgrass Print Manager to something other than the default Sawgrass edition, or would like to switch back this edition, you may do so by completing the following steps:

    1. Locate and right click (macOS: Cmd+click) the Sawgrass Print Manager icon located in your system tray (macOS: Menu Bar)
    2. In the menu that appears, click Options -> Edition -> Enable Custom Edition (Note: to switch back to the default edition, click Sawgrass under Options -> Edition)
    3. In the box that appears, enter the code for the edition you wish to activate, then click Apply
  • Can I upload my own fonts to CreativeStudio?

    The ability to upload fonts is limited to users with an active Premium Membership. Uploaded fonts must be in .ttf or .otf format.

  • How do I change my CreativeStudio connection timeout?

    If you find that CreativeStudio is taking longer than normal to launch, you may want to change your timeout.

    To do this, you will want to find your PM icon in the top tool bar (Mac) or hidden icons (Windows), and click on it to generate the options menu. After launching this menu, hover over “options” then click on “connection settings.”

    When the connection settings menu populates, go ahead and change the number listed under "Timeout" to 10000 and click OK to save and exit.

    From there, those changes are confirmed and all set!

  • How do I disable Auto-Off? (EU Model)

    If you find that your printer switches off after a period of inactivity, take the following steps to disable the Auto-Off function:

    1. First, press the “Menu” button on your printer.
    2. Then, navigate to “System Settings” and press OK.
    3. Now you want to navigate to “Administrator Tools” and press OK.
    4. Next, choose “Main Power Off if Ntwrk Disc” and press OK.
    5. Set this to OFF.


  • How do I disable paper size error detection?

    One way to prevent the printer from displaying a paper misfeed error is by deactivating the paper size error detection feature. This will stop the printer from detecting the size of the paper being used and will, in turn, stop the printer from displaying an error if an incorrect size is selected in the settings.

    In order to do so, you will need to follow the path below in your printer's LCD screen:

    1. Press the Menu button
    2. Navigate to System Settings, then Press OK
    3. Navigate to Maintenance, then press OK
    4. Navigate to paper Size Error Detect, then Press OK
    5. Ensure that it is set to Do Not Detect, then press OK
    6. Press the Menu button to display the ink levels


    Please be aware, however, that if you print with an incorrect paper setting (meaning the Sawgrass Print Manager is expecting 8.5 X 11 size paper, and a 5 X 7 page is actually used), you will be at risk of the printer putting ink on the paper feed belt. This may result in an SC57000 error.

  • What do I do if I see dotted lines or 'pizza wheel' marks across my prints?

    If you find that you are seeing these marks on your prints, you will want to clean the small wheels on the exit guide. You can do this using alcohol or IPA with a lint free cloth.

    If you find that you need more assistance with this process, please contact our Sawgrass Care team. We would be happy to assist you further!

  • How do I perform an exit guide removal or replacement?

    Removing the exit guide may be necessary if you find it becomes damaged and needs replacing or if the small rollers need cleaning as part of the printer's maintenance.

    To do so, please follow the steps below:

    1. First, open the top cover and locate the exit guide. This will be at the front of the printer.
    2. Find the left tab and gently pull it to the right then up to remove it from its current location. Please take extra care to not damage the tabs when pressing them inwards.
    3. Find the right tab and gently pull it to the left then up to remove it as well.
    4. Once both tabs have been unclipped from their normal location, move the exit guide up so that it is fully visible.
    5. You can now remove the exit guide from the printer.
    6. To reset the exit guide, repeat the previous steps in reverse. Please make sure that it is installed back into the printer the correct way.


    If you are having trouble with this process, please contact our Care Team for further assistance.

  • How do I set a static IP address?

    Follow the steps below on the printer's LCD screen to set a static IP address when connecting your printer via Wi-Fi:

    1. First, select the menu button.
    2. Then use the up and down arrows to find and highlight “System Settings”, then press OK.
    3. In the resulting menu, scroll to and highlight “Interface Settings”, then press OK.
    4. Now you'll want to find the “Network” option, then press OK.
    5. Scroll in this menu until you can see and highlight “Machine IPV4 address”, then press OK.
    6. Then, locate the “Specify” option, and press OK.
    7. Press the white button under “IP Add” to select.
    8. Use the arrows to change the value of the fields to the specific IP address. After all fields are complete, press OK.
    9. Continuing on, press the “Subnet M” selection key and repeat steps 8 and 9.
    10. After setting the IPV4 address and Subnet Mask, select “Specify” and press OK.
    11. Return to the previous menu and select “IPV4 Gateway Address and press OK.
    12. Use the arrows to change the value of the fields. Once all fields are complete, press the OK key.
    13. Once all settings are finished, press the “Menu” button to return to the main screen.