Custom Size (IJ Plain) Error on LCD Screen

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Are you experiencing an error message on the LCD screen of your printer that looks like the text below on your SG500/SG1000 printer?


Change Bypass Tray to the

following settings:

Custom Size (IJ Plain)

Change I  Job Reset I  Form Feed


If you are, please follow the steps listed below to help bypass this error message:


  1. Press the Menu button on the front of your printer.
  2. Scroll until you see the word Printer Features, then press OK.
  3. Scroll until you find System, then press the OK button again.
  4. Scroll to Tray Setting Priority, then press OK.
  5. Now you want to go ahead and choose the tray that you are experiencing the error message for (for the message listed above it would be the user's bypass tray), then press OK.
  6. Go ahead and scroll to Driver/Command, then press OK.
  7. Press the escape button on your printer until you find that it is back on the Ready screen.


If you continue to receive the error message after taking those troubleshooting steps, do not worry! Reach out to our Sawgrass Care team and they would be happy to assist you further.