(Mac): How to add a bypass tray

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Need a little help with setting up the Bypass tray?

Look no further!

The “bypass tray” attachment will allow you to print on larger paper depending on which model of printer you have. Below are the steps on how to add the bypass tray to your computer.

Mac Add Path:
Printers and Scanners>select the printer > Options and supplies >Options> check the bypass tray


1. Add the bypass Tray to the computer. 

2. Open System preferences and select Printers and Scanners


3. Select your Sawgrass Printer and click "Options and Supplies"


4. Select "Options" and but a check next to "Bypass tray Unit" then hit "Ok"



Bypass Tray Tips:

  • Make sure the bypass tray is not touching the wall.
  • Place 10 to 15 sheets of paper in the printer.
  • Ensure that the paper in the tray is applying enough pressure on the Bypass Tray paper sensor. If the paper is slightly curbed, such as 3D film, this may not happen.
  • Check that the Bypass Tray is recognized within the printer menu.
  • For the SG500 be sure to pull down the support bar located on the back of the Printer.
  • For the SG1000 Check beneath the bypass tray for a white plastic detachable strip that helps to hold up the bypass tray. If you do not see this part attached, please check the box that you received the printer in.