Carriage Reset SG400/SG800

  • Updated

Performing a carriage reset will remove the charge flag on the printer as well as reset the print head adjustments. When powering the printer back on it will perform an ink charge.

Due to the print head adjustments being reset, it is recommended to carry out the print head position adjustment (Standard & High Quality) once the ink charge has been completed.


1. Turn the printer off.

   •The right front door must be open before you switch the machine on.
   •With the right front door open, the printer will not perform auto maintenance (this can waste ink).

2. Switch the machine on.

3. Enter the SP mode. (Press the up and down keys at the same time for 7 seconds, then press the # key). Make a note of the System Version.

4. Select "Engine Maint."> [#Enter].

5. Enter "3009002"> [#Enter].

6. Press [#Enter].

7. Press [#Enter].

8. Press [#Enter].

9. Exit the SP mode.

10. Switch the machine off.

11. Replace the ink cartridges if required

12. Close the right front cover.

13. Switch the machine on.

14. Wait for the machine to fill the print head ink tanks. This may take up to 7 minutes.