How to Complete a head flush SG500/1000

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Follow the procedure below to perform a thorough print head Flush

  • Perform a head flushing only if print head nozzles cannot be cleared by up to 2-3 head cleanings.
  • Head flushing consumes more ink that head cleaning.
  • Do not perform more than one 2 head flush's at a time
  • If nozzles do not print properly after up to five (5) head cleanings and one (2) head flush's, contact Sawgrass for assistance.
  • Do not turn the printer off during print head flushing. If the printer is turned off during print head flushing, start again from printing the nozzle check test pattern.


1. Press the [ Menu] key.


2. Press the [▲] or [▼] key to display [Print Features], then press the [OK] key.
3. Press the [▲] or [▼] key to display [ListTest Print], then press the [OK] key.


4. Press the [▲] or [▼] key to display [Head-flushing], then press the [OK] key.
5. Press the [▲] or [▼] key to select a color, then press the [OK] key.

To flush all the print heads, select [All Heads].
To flush the print head for cyan and black, select [Head 1].
To flush the print head for yellow and magenta, select [Head 2].

6. Press the [OK] selection key.


Head flushing starts.


Follow the steps to perform a Head Flush on the menu of the printer.