Waste Tank Replacement

If the message "Waste Collection Unit is full / Replace Waste Collection Unit" appears on the display screen on the printer, this means the waste container unit needs to be replaced with a new unit. 



  • Do not use a waste collection unit that has not been used for a long time.
  • Do not touch the waste collection unit's chip contacts.
  • Take care not to drop the waste collection unit.
  • Take care not to drop the waste collection unit when putting it in the supplied plastic bag. The bag might tear, causing ink to spill.
  • Make sure the waste collection unit is fully inserted. If it is not, an error may occur or ink will leak inside the printer.
  • The Waste Tank unit is interchangeable on the SG 400, SG 800, SG 500, and SG 1000. 

How to Replace the waste container unit:

1. Take the waste collection unit out of the box.

2. Open the right front cover.


3. Wait at least five seconds, then remove the waste collection unit from the printer. Press on the area marked "PUSH" to pull the unit out. Keep the unit level.


4. Put the waste collection unit in the supplied plastic bag.

5. Insert the new waste collection unit.
6. Slide the waste collection unit carefully into the printer until you hear it click.


7. Close the right front cover