Ink Sets - Which One to Choose


Need help picking what ink to use? Confused on which is best for you? Are you debating between several?

We made it super easy! Below you will find information on all of our inks and their capabilities. This will help you make the best decision as you kickstart your sublimation journey!


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Which Sawgrass ink is right for you?

  • Sublijet UHD & HD
    • This ink is a good choice for white or light coloured hard or soft substrates.
      • Works best with white 100% polyester, polycotton (65/35) or hard substrates.
    • You also have the option to print onto Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) with this ink type as well.
  • Siser EasySubli
    • This ink can be used for regular sublimation or printing onto Heat Transfer Vinyl.
      • For sublimation you will want to press onto white or light coloured hard or soft substrates.
      • If you are printing onto HTV, you can transfer your vinyl to cotton or dark coloured substrates.
  • Chromablast
    • This ink type should only be used with white or light coloured, 100% cotton and cotton blend fabrics.
      • If you plan on pressing onto only cotton materials, this is the ink for you!


Cartridge Size and Compatibility

  • SG400 & 800
    • Starter Cartridge (20ml)
      • Only included in starter kits
    • Standard Cartridge (31ml)
  • SG500 & SG1000
    • Starter Cartridge (20ml)
      • Only included in starter kits
    • Standard Cartridge (31ml)
  • Only SG800 & SG1000 printers
    • Extended Cartridge (70ml)
      • Only available for Sublijet ink

A quick note on ink levels and cartridge print count: there is no set estimate on how many pages or projects each cartridge will provide. It varies tremendously based on the image you print (vibrancy/saturation/size), frequency of usage, and maintenance. 


Use by dates and the meaning behind them

  • Sawgrass inks have a shelf life of about 2 years.
  • On the thin side of your ink cartridge, you will see the month and year that your ink will expire.
    • After this date passes, we would strongly recommend switching your inks to prevent any clogging or damage to your printer. When using expired ink cartridges, you may also notice a gradual shift in colour output.

Note: If you do not see an expiration date on your ink cartridge, you may be using third-party inks. Make sure that the inks that you are using have use by dates and the Sawgrass logo on them.


Switching Ink Types and Third Party Inks

  • Use of Third Party Inks will immediately void your warranty. Since they are not made by Sawgrass, we cannot predict how they will react in the machine and what issues may arise, or how to fix them.
  • We do not recommend switching your ink type. You always want to make sure that you are using the same ink type for the entire life of your printer.
    • Each ink type has a different chemical composition and thickness. Combining different inks in the lines of your printer may cause clogged nozzles and will damage the printhead.
    • If your warranty is voided, you will no longer have access to the following:
      • Sawgrass Care Team Assistance
      • Warranty Printer Replacements
      • Assistance from our Ambassadors


Hopefully this answered all your ink questions, but if we missed something please let us know! 


If you are still experiencing issues or have further questions, please contact our Sawgrass Care Team for assistance by click the 'Support' button on the bottom right of the page, or click here.