How-To: Design and Post a Product for Sale to your Store

The below article will demonstrate how you can create your design as well as publish/post it to your store. This enable customer to purchase this product.


Before starting, please make sure you have updated your address details in your Account Settings. As a Designer this is so that we have your Billing address on record so that invoices are accurate. As a producer, this is even more important as your address will also help determine the routing of orders to you as well as correctly establish shipping costs. 

  1. To start the Design process either click the + at the top of the screen or hit Select New Creation in My Studio.
  2. The design page will now open. Once you have finish your creation, click Save then Enter the Design name and Category.

  3. Next, you will have the option to give your Product a name as well as add a brief description. 
  4. Furthermore, you can Lock the layers of your design. Any layers that are not locked cannot be customized by a potential customer during purchase. Layers will not be locked until you have clicked on Lock All layers or individually click on the layers you wish to prevent customers from personalising. Once you are happy with your changes, click Done.

  5. Adding to this, you can also add a Look to your product. This will give your product a background when it is on display in your store. You can then set your Feature and Primary image for your product.

  6. Next, you will need to set the sale price of your product. You can change the default sale price which in turn will also update your profit margin. As a note, you can also tick to make the product private. This means that the product in question is only visible to those with the direct link to the product, it will not be publicly visibly in your store. 
  7. Once you are happy with your product, you can either, Save, Print or  Post for Sale. Post for Sale will do just that, post your product for sale in your store allowing for customers to purchase it. Remember having a great design combined with a look, description and hashtags, will increase your chance of a sale.

  8. Once posted for sale, it will show under your Published products in your profile.


If you are still experiencing issues or have further questions, please contact our Sawgrass Care Team for assistance by click the 'Support' button on the bottom right of the page, or click here.