Account Settings Explained

Confused about the Account Settings? Fret not, the below article will cover the various options available to you under the Account Settings menu.



Menu Explanation
My Account The options under My Account will allow you to update your profile details such as your Profile Image, Name and Store Name as well as give your store a description.
From here you can also change your email address and copy the link to your store/profile.

It is also under My Account that you can reset your password.
Billing & Payments


  • This is where you can manage your payouts as well as connect your Paypal account to your store. Connecting your Paypal account is necessary in order to receive your payments. These are usually processed on the first and third Tuesday of each month.


  • This is where you can subscribe or manage you Premium subscription to the MarketPlace. You can either choose to be billed Annually or Monthly, Annually being the most cost effective option.

Addresses This is where you manage or amend your Billing address as well as your Producer address should you choose to be one.


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