How-To: Copy and Design on Side 2

The below article will demonstrate how to copy your design onto Side 2 of a double side Template such as a Tote Bag.


Some products such as tote bags have 2 sides to them. It is possible to select each side individually and create separate designs on each. it is also possible to copy the design from one side and place it on the other, rendering both sides identical.

Selecting the Second Side of a Product

  1. After selecting your Product, select the side you wish to design on. You will see the option to change sides at the bottom of the designer window

  2. Clicking each side will allow you to swap between sides.


Copying your Design from One Side to Another

  1. If you would like to duplicate the design you have created from one side to another, simply select Copy Design.

  2. Next, select the side you wish to duplicate your design to, in this instance Side 2, then click Apply Design.

  3. You will now see your design on the second side.

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