How-To: Create an SVG from an EPS or JPG File

The below article will show you how to create an SVG file from an EPS or JPG Image. This will allow you to upload and use more SVG's as templates for Custom Canvas.


You can convert files to SVG by using software such as Adobe Illustrator for example, however for simplicity, we will be using one of many converters that are available online. In this instance, we will be using Convertio.


  1. Open you web browser and go to 

  2. Either click Choose Files or drag & drop your EPS or JPG image onto the screen.
  3. Click the drop down to display the file type you wish to convert your image to. Select Vector and then SVG.

  4. Once done, click Convert.

  5. When the conversion is complete, click Download.

  6. You can now upload the converted SVG to DesignMate and use it as a Custom Canvas.


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